What We Did

Hippo sampling marble
Hippo sampling marble from cave B

Trained in archaeological techniques, we:
  • Surveyed and mapped the Roman ruins and roads

  • Excavated the grotto underneath the monastery

  • Analyzed artifacts and maintained inventory

  • Identified which blocks of marbles in the monastery foundation came from the temple

  • Located and explored regional quarries from which the rock was cut to construct the temple

But all is not just hard work. We hiked the alps.

On weekends, we returned to lower grounds and stayed at the hospice at Bourg St Pierre.

Mapping and surveying the temple of Jupiter (top)
surveying the temple

surveying the temple

Chipping off pieces of marble for testing, on top of crematorium (top)
chipping off marble

Hippo digging in St Bernard's grotto beneath the monastery (top) Hippo digging in the grotto1996