We stayed at the monastery with the St Augustine monks..

We slept in the monastery dormitories and had our meals in the refectory. The dormitories were simple but sleeping in the pure Alpine air in bunk beds with heavy duvets was more comfortable that I've ever imagined. The food prepared by the monastery's chef was awesome. Continental breakfast at 8AM with freshly baked breads, butter and jam, hot coffee and tea and warm milk. Lunch was their main meal of the day. At noon sharp, soup, meat (except on Fridays, fish was served instead) and veggies were served. At 7PM, soup, salad and a light dish was our dinner for 2 weeks. Fruits were always served as dessert. The best part of every major meal was the homemade soup. Bread and fresh crisp clear mountain water were always served at the table. A bell was rang at every meal time. With the generosity and good humor of the monks, at 7:30AM classical music was played through the loudspeakers, a soothing way to wake up. On our day away from the monastery surroundings, the monks would pack us a picnic which consisted of loads of salami, a great variety of pate that came in tubes, fabulous cheese and mouth watering chocolates. Hippo misses the monastery's food more than the revitalizing rejuvenating alpine air.

Salle a manger...Our fearless leader Dr Hunt wearing Stanford Tshirt
salle a manger

Hippo's bed for 2 weeks (the one with the stuffed St Bernard dog)

Rustic dormitories