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Petrohue Dec 1998

Petrohue (pronounced petro-way) is a tiny lovely town located in front of the Lago Todos los Santos and at the base of the Orsono volcano, 64 km from Puerto Varas, and 84 km from Puerto Montt, in the Chilean Lake District

Petro is the name given to the giant blood sucking mosquitoes of the area, and 'hue' means place.

The journey from Puerto Montt to Petrohue is a car ride of a little over an hour. The road skirts by numerous little farms, goes through Puerto Varas, a very touristy town, and along the shores of Lago Llanquihue, going finally along the Petrohue river, with the views of Orsono (2661m), Puntiagudo (2490m) and Tronador (3460m) volcanoes ever present.

There is only one hosteria there. It's a quaint 3-story building with stand-out windows on each guest room, with flowers in front of them, which make the entire hosteria look like a Swiss chalet.

At Petrohue, one can hike the 6 Km to the beautiful Saltos (waterfalls) and behind the hosteria there are several trails that lead up to the top of Orsono.

Hippo had a very enjoyable stay there (except for the ever present mosquitoes).

See the Petrohue Saltos and more images of Orsono

Hosteria Petrohue with Orsono volcano

Cameo of the hosteria

Orsono volcano with Lago Llanquihue

Orsono volcano after a morning of rain with a ring of cloud covering the top