Mt Shasta - Sept 1998

Mount Shasta is a 14,162 ft volcano located in Northern California, about 300 miles North East of the Bay Area. Although it is one of the highest mountains the US, its summit is only 6 miles from the Bunny Flat trailhead at 7000 ft. The mountain's incredible beauty had captivated Hippo and she had always wanted to climb it.

Day hike at Panther's Meadow

From left 2 right - Darin, Yuhong,
Hugh, Adam, Brigitte, Dan and Gad

Taking a rest

Hugh singing and swinging
in a snow patch

Everybody goes...

Hippo playing in a snow patch

At the campsite by Siskiyou lake

Hog Dog time around campfire
Adam, Hugh, Gad, Yuhong and Darin

Singing Hotel California
Brigitte, Adam, Hugh, Gad, Yuhong & Darin

Hugh roasting his dog

Brigitte and kids by Hugh's pickup

Adam's getting naughty, about to be
taught a lesson by Hugh

Hugh finally got Adam upside down

Adam and Dan trying to pull
Hippo's shorts off

Group picture - from left 2 right
Hip, Darin, Yuhong, Hugh, Gad, Adam, Brigitte, Dan

Climbing Mt Shasta - from Old Ski Bowl trailhead

Handsome Hugh

Hippo looking tired
Hippo working her way across
the snowfield to Avalanche Gulch

That's all folks!!

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