June 2008
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Tioga Pass Trail to Half Dome Glacier Point
July 1993

Hippo on top of Half Dome

Hippo at Glacier Point

Hippo by Nevada Falls

Mike at the base of
of Half Dome -
ready to ascend the cables

October 1998

At Crane Flat campsite Hiking around Glacier Point

The Friday night bunch-
Dan, Franck, Marie, Gad, Shawn,
Nadine, Hip, Yuhong, Darin, Adam

Adam, Darin, Shawn, Brigitte,
Franck, Gad, Marie
Monkeying around on top of Sentinel Dome

Brigitte in a
compromising position

Hip on top of a tree
Around campfire celebrating Franck's bday

Gad, Shawn, Adam blocking Stephanie,
Tali,Emily, Stephen, Nadine, Yuhong

Darin, Yuhong, Adam, Marie,
Shawn, Nadine, Gad, Franck
On top of Vernal Falls

Final group picture -
(front row) Gad, Dan, Nadine, Marie,
Adam, Yuhong
(back row) Stephen, Stephanie, Emily,
Brigitte, Franck, Shawn (standing)

Final crazy picture-
(front row) Hip, Gad, Dan, Adam,
Marie, Yuhong
(back row) Stephen, Stephanie, Tali,
Emily, Brigitte, Franch, Shawn (back)

Hippo's hiking disasters:

Hippo on top of Half Dome

Hippo tumbling down
Yosemite falls

Hippo swallowing Glacier Point

That's all folks!!

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