Hippo's journey to the Mexican Yucatán Peninsula...
(summer of 95)

Chichén Itzá (chiken pizza)

The Yucatán Peninsula's best known and most visited Maya Ruins.
Maya ruins mostly Toltec influenced with images of conquest and violence.
Picture of El Castillo rises 75 ft above the surrounding green plains.

Uxmal (you smell)

Name means 'trice built' in Maya.
Most beautiful Maya ruins in the Yucatán.
The architecture is more purely Maya, with horizontal contours and richly ornamented stone facades.
Picture of pyramid of the Magician, also called El Adivino (the Sorcerer)


Puuc ruins, about 19 Km SE of Uxmal.
The architecture here reflects Chenes influences.

Quintana Roo:


131 Km south of Cancun, the Castillo overlooks the turquoise Caribbean.

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